My assignment as Principal Product Designer was to lead the design of a new web portal and administration console for cloud platform services. This was a very exciting challenge to build something from scratch and work with an agile team of developers and designers.
I led design and development teams to swiftly create an early release (MVP) of a catalog of cloud services. I demonstrated the product at an early stage to business analysts including Gartner, and led the team to launch a full product several months later.
Product Storyboards
The primary persona was the software developer who uses the industrial PasS (Platform as a Service) to rapidly build and deploy software applications. Our persona was Elaine the Software Architect.
Storyboards of Elaine’s journey help identify critical features.
I used After Effects to quickly animate and test multiple interaction paradigms...
I worked with the team to create a product adoption strategy that focused on software developers. We created a series of web videos with hands-on coding tips. I convinced the marketing team to hire a lean video crew to shoot a series of videos that I directed.
Video Storyboard
I became Product Manager for this product and talked to customers and partners at several conferences and trade shows including Minds and Machines, GE’s annual trade show for the Industrial Internet. 
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