As Principal Product Designer at GE Digital, I conceived and designed many enterprise software experiences for GE’s Industrial Internet Platform, specializing in solutions for analytics and big data.
After interviewing more than a dozen Data Scientists and Data Engineers, it became apparent that data exploration and data cleansing is a critical part of the data science process. I conceived of a product called Data Explorer that provides data visualization tools that let users evaluate data before and after analytic processing.
With a searchable and sortable catalog of data and analytic techniques, users can sequence together the techniques and business logic in a tool called the Orchestration Editor, then hook it all up to big data streams and dashboards.
Collaborative Design
I held many collaborative design sessions with subject matter experts and stakeholders, sketching and visualizing task flows with diagrams and sticky notes. Conducting UX workshops and involving others in the design process is a simple way to give UX ownership to everyone.
The UX flow takes shape with simple sketches, storyboards, and user task flows...
User Task Flows
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