While working as an independent consultant, I was hired by Yodlee as Principal UX Designer to design a web portal and app store of financial applications and APIs for banking institutions.
One of my first UX tasks was to identify and understand the marketplace for online banking and finance. Since the product was a catalog of services and apps to distribute via an app store interaction model, I looked at horizontal app store experiences like Google Play. Of course I shared the competitive analysis findings with stakeholders, but the most value from this design process is then to borrow (steal) best practices in the following interaction and visual design phases.
Competitive Analysis
One UX challenge was to create an information architecture and content strategy that addresses multiple audiences. Yodlee’s platform enabled banking institutions, large and small, to customize white label apps to add value and utility to their own websites. I recommended a strategy to let the users “self segment” themselves by directing them to content of interest.
For the C-level audience, the website touts benefits of services. For software developers, a catalog of apps and APIs allow innovators to leverage Yodlee offerings to add banking widgets to their own financial products. Marketing had a say in naming and branding each audience section with names like Yodlee Interactive and MoneyCenter.
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