As Creative Director for a San Francisco design firm, I oversaw the design of Intuit labs, an app store experience for developers. It’s an online “marketplace” of applications at all stages of product maturity. It enables lean methodologies for developers, allowing them to experiment with ideas by uploading prototypes to gather early feedback from the developer community.
Connecting innovators with innovators.
Lean UX
The mission of Intuit Labs is to foster innovation by encouraging lean methodologies, and rapid prototyping to gather product feedback sooner. So in the spirit of this and the need to move fast, I used lean UX methodologies such as paper prototyping.
Rapid Prototyping
I’d paste together quick wireframes and walk over to developer colleagues who would then rapidly turn the paste-ups into HTML/Javascript prototypes which we could quickly test.
Motion & Interaction
I used After Effects to quickly animate and test simulated iterations of user interactions and transitions.
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