This mobile application for iOS and Android Mobile Application is a mobile extension of a robust emergency notification platform, emergency responders and citizens upload critical information so that the emergency operators can be better aware of the situation. Emergency reports can include text, geo location, photos and videos.
User report emergencies and information is uploaded for emergency dispatchers and operators. A next-generation 911 service lets first responders and citizens report emergency situations with text, photos, video, geo location and more.
Next-generation 911
As Senior Product Designer, I designed multiple products. This mobile application is just one part of the larger system. The mobile app is for the user in the field, the first responder or citizen. There is also a robust dashboard for the Dispatcher and Operator personas. 
Motion Study
I conducted multiple motion studies by animating the UI using AfterEffects. To help create seamless experiences, I animated multiple user scenarios to get an overall feel for the interaction flows and motion transitions.
Emergency Situation Tracking 
Users "check in" with their location information during emergency situations, and receive alerts from the emergency operators.
Interactive Maps
Emergency operators publish maps with layers and pins so that first responders and civilians become aware of incidents and cordons during an emergency.
Design Patterns
Concept Wireframes
Storyboard Sketches
Tablet Version

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